The Clintons Drive Them Crazy

What do you do when an otherwise reasonable adult with a prominent media job loses their ever loving mind?

Well, the pithy response is, he never had his wits about him in the first place. David Frum reveals his inner child here, and you can't fault the man for being racist--with conservatives, that's a feature and not a bug.

And the larger reality is that the Clintons will always drive conservatives around the bend. The Clintons bring out the worst in people who lived through that era and considered themselves Republicans. That whole era was one of such superficial insanity that no one should welcome a return to it, no matter what.

As tired as I am of the Clintons, modern conservatism has gone so far off the deep end that if we were to elect a Democrat to the presidency in 2016 who had never said anything stupid, who saved the lives of a hundred soldiers and a thousand puppies, who had the Medal of Honor, who was named Smith and was from the whitest part of Iowa, and who was gracious and polite, they would still call him a murdering psychopath who fucked animals and ate baboon hearts and wasn't a real American.

They are crazy, all of them, and there's no reasoning with them anymore. Might as well hope for something else.

People Are Accustomed to Getting Everything For Free

The horse is already out of the barn.

If you create things and expect to get paid, then, brother, this is not a good time to be in the process of making a living. The people who profit from cheap or free content are doing well. The makers of said content aren't. That's as simple as it gets.

Why highlight Philip Roth? He doesn't even write books anymore. You're talking about a dispute between legacy publishers, which is what Hatchette really is,  and Amazon. The time to fight Amazon was over a decade ago when they got into the business of undercutting the prices of publishers.

Amazon has thousands of non-mainstream writers who specialize in niche books that make some money (in some cases, more than you imagine for robot porn and things of that nature). They don't care if Roth is upset. They're not paying attention to anything other than how to get content--physical and downloaded products of any kind--into the hands of people. They only care about getting as many people hooked on free stuff as possible, which is why Amazon has Amazon Prime and other ways of getting content for free.

There are more and more books no one wants to read coming out. There are whole albums full of songs no one wants. There are movies no one goes to see. There's almost no way to make a living writing or making music or making visual art anymore. You can get paid making coffee for people and you can get paid stealing content. You can't do much else.

Politico Peddles Astrology Now

Can I just say that astrology is absolute bullshit and that any publication that dabbles in it should be discredited and ignored? As in, instantly?

As soon as you pull that trigger and start trying to use astrology to make money, you're dead to me as far as a viable news outlet. This is why I stopped looking at the Huffington/AOL post long ago--they were needlessly chasing that nutty astrology audience and there was no need to do so.

Astrology preys on the ignorance of people (hooray for Hollywood!) who don't know anything anyway. It's inconceivable (and I do know how to use that word) that we are still tolerating the presence of astrology in any discussion relating to anything other than making fun of astrologers. It's 2014! And have I told you lately that astrology is just bullshit dressed up for a walk on the town with his cousins crazy and nutzo? Good God. Wait, what?

Politico ran this piece about Chelsea Clinton's baby, and the insanity of the media complex in Washington D.C. is confirmed--they had the baby to help Hillary Clinton get elected President and the astrology behind this fact will give rise to a dozen or more hurried books about the Clintons.

"Politico asked astrologers to weigh in..."

Jeebus, save us from these fools.