No More Politics Until Whenever

It should come as no surprise that politics just aren't going to be my thing anymore.

Oh, I'll probably go back to thinking and writing about these things again. This is part of life and this is certainly something I've thought about for a long time.

For now, hell no.

The gaping maw of vile, hateful commentary online does not need to be taunted or fed anything more. It is burning through all of the oxygen and dry tinder out there. I'm moving to safer places and hoping to offer something different. I stopped all online activities at the end of August because you could just feel this thing--this horrible, horrible campaign and the culture surrounding it--start to turn into a descent into hell. I shut down Facebook, I closed the blogs, and I focused on other things. But I knew I would come back and still do creative things. This is similar to a break I took after open heart surgery--pause, regroup, reorganize, and come back fresh. 

I was wrong about everything, and that will bother me for a long time. I was wrong about Hillary Clinton's chances, wrong about the mood of the country, and wrong about where we are headed as a country. When you get something wrong like that, you have to own it and take the hit. My credibility on politics is about the same as my expertise on how to make coffee with tree bark. 

The only constant is, no matter how bad you think things are, you're usually hyperventilating and about to pass out. This too shall pass.